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You are an innovator. You're on your way to disrupting a market. You know you can change the world…but you’re not quite there—and it might even feel as though something is stuck.

As a technology marketer based for more than 30 years in Silicon Valley, I help companies get the traction they need and deserve. And here’s what I’ve found: In diagnosing what's gone wrong—why that traction is so often missing—we at Cunningham Collective, my brand and strategy consultancy, very seldom find PR at the root of the problem. More often than not, we discover that the issue is one of positioning.   

Done right, positioning is the articulation of the business strategy. It is not a creative exercise, as many brand and creative firms often lead companies to believe. It is born from the very DNA of your company and encompasses the role you exist to play, the category in which you will thrive, the relevance you bring to market, and the value you deliver when you've achieved product/market fit. As I write in my new book, Get to Aha!: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition, I have come to understand that the single biggest reason so many brand strategy campaigns never make it to market, or fail to make any headway if they do, is because agencies skip past the rigor required for positioning—what I call DNA-based positioning—and head straight for branding.

Over the years—starting in 1983 when I first came to Silicon Valley to work for marketing guru Regis McKenna and help Steve Jobs introduce the Macintosh personal computer, I have helped many of the world's most innovative entrepreneurs create categories, unveil new brands, and launch hundreds of products. In short, I have developed a method to help you win.

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